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Lyd on Democracy Now!

Lyd featured on Aljazeera English

Lyd featured on Sky News

Lyd interview in Rough Cut

“In an exploratory exchange across three time zones, Lauren Collee speaks to the filmmaking duo about creating a vibrant parallel reality for the occupied Palestinian city, Lyd, and the vast potential of speculative worldbuilding in the face of colonialism and genocide.”

– Lauren Collee

Lyd review by Disappointment Media

“It is the perfect time for a film like Lyd, a work that draws a clear line between the sins of the past and our present reality and vociferously argues why contextualizing the present within that broader history is crucial in determining the future.” 

—Disappointment Media

Lyd reviewed by ScreenHub

Lyd review: a must-see Palestinian documentary by Silvi Vann-Wall

“A must see Palestinian documentary.”


Lyd reviewed by the International Federation of Film Critics

Animated History: Of Fighting Occupation Artistically by Schayan Riaz

“Lyd is a film that should, for all that it touches upon and how it does what it sets out to do, certainly stand the test of time.”

“What makes Lyd stand out from other documentaries on this topic, but also in general is the way the filmmakers audaciously weave together different forms of storytelling.”

“This film is an important document of time and should be screened widely.”

Shaping the Narrative: Women at the Heart of the Amman Film Festival by Mohamed Tarek

“This portrayal unfolds in two dimensions: one represents the tangible reality of the city as it exists in our contemporary world, while the other thrives within the imaginations of the two filmmakers and resonates with countless Palestinians globally. The filmmakers ingeniously narrate these parallel histories through distinct visual mediums.”

“a unique artistic and historical journey.”a unique artistic and historical journey.”

Lyd featured in The National

Lyd: New sci-fi documentary depicts Palestinian city with and without the Nakba by Razmig Bedirian

“With their collaborative feature, Lyd, Palestinian writer and activist Rami Younis and American filmmaker Sarah Ema Friedland present a cinematic achievement that breaks down the wide divide between documentary and science fiction.”

Culture Bites: Sci-fi documentary about Palestine and Israel, Arab Cinema Week with Enas Refaei and Farah Andrews